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A Vendor Agnostic Approach

We believe that finding the strongest vendor is only a part of the problem – Every vendor has issues, and every vendor has downtime. We would rather design your network for high availability with two devices from any vendor than from one device from the market leader. Every device will fail eventually – and we want to make sure your network is never dependent on one device.


Simple Design

Complexity breeds instability, and we believe that the complexity in network design (usually driven by vendor sales and marketing) is often unnecessary, and makes networks harder to troubleshoot, understand, and thus more prone to failure. When complex networks fail, they’re harder for your support team to troubleshoot, leading to longer downtime. We believe in making your network as simple as possible to meet your requirements.


Documentation, Done.

Good documentation is a principal tenet of a supportable network. We can document both your existing network in detail, giving you a complete analysis of what you have today, and we’ll always document our changes to your network to ensure you and anyone else you choose can support it properly!