Wireless Networking

In today’s technology environment, wireless networking is a must. Wireless networking helps you support efficient information sharing and collaboration between your employees and provide services to customers when and where they’re needed without worrying if your computer or mobile device is connected properly. c2h2’s WiFi network services can help expand your current WiFi infrastructure or build out an enterprise grade wireless network on your budget.

We can also resolve any current wireless issues occurring in your network. Nothing is worse than a slow or poorly performing wireless network hampering productivity or causing lost sales. Our wireless security and performance assessment will rapidly pinpoint and correct issues with your wireless hardware, computer wireless adapters, firmware and software to ensure your network is performing at optimal levels.

c2h2 Network Solutions wireless services:

  • Site Surveys
  • Heat Maps
  • Access Point Installation
  • Client management and troubleshooting
  • Wireless security audits
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Wireless controller installation, configuration and management

WiFi Assessments

WiFi allows your organization to be productive while on the go. As more devices become wireless, it is becoming increasingly important to have dependable WiFi. However, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to plan WiFi deployments.

The WiFi Assessment survey provides the necessary data to design and deploy a WiFi system correctly. You will be provided a graphic Heat Map describing signal strength and expected WiFi coverage. With this data, we decide on the optimal placements for the access points.

Generated reports will be provided containing the following information:

  • Heat maps showing signal strength, noise and interference
  • Recommendations for AP relocation or additional AP placement as needed
  • Location of any particularly strong interferers/rogue access points
  • Overloaded access points & recommendations for remediation
  • Recommended controller configuration changes if needed to adhere to wireless best practices and/or to resolve operational issues.

Contact us now to begin your wireless network assessment and determine which c2h2 Network Solutions services will improve your business’ wireless productivity today!